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سايت فارسى

1933 Born in November 23rd, in a village near Sabzevar called "Kahak"
1940 Attending "Ebne Yamin" primary school
1946 Attending "Ferdowsi" High School in Mashhad
1948 Joins the Society of Propagating Islamic Truth  
1950 Enrolls in Mashhad's Primary Teachers' College
1952 Graduates from Teachers' College and hired in the Mashhad's Cultural Burea
Founded the Student Islamic Society
Participated in demonstrations against Ghavam's appointment and got arrested for a short time.
1953 Joined the National Resistance Movement (NRM)
1954 Received his Literature Diploma
Published his translation of "Great Moral Examples in Behamdoon" by Kashefol-Qata
1955 Published "Aba-Dhar Ghaffari" and "History of Philosophy's Evolution"
Enroles in Department of Literature in Mashhad University
1957 Got arrested among 16 other members of NRM in Mashhad  
1958 Graduated from Department of Literature in Mashhad University with first honor.
Married one of his classmates "BiBi Fatemeh Shariat Razavi"
1959 Got government scholorship and sent to France to continue his education
His first child - Ehson - is borned
Joined the Algerian Liberation Movement (ALB)
1960 His wife and son joined him in France
Got captured in Paris for his involvement in ALB
1961 Cooperated with the Iranian Students Confederation, National Front, Liberation Movement and editoring in "Iran e Azad" magazine.  
1962 His mother passed away
His second child - Sousan - is borned
Was introduced to Frantz Fanon opinons and thoughts by his book "Inferals of the Earth"
Met Jean Paul Sartre
1963 His third child - Sara - was borned
Graduated with Doctorate degree in Hisotry with a minor in Sociology
1964 Returned to Iran and was arrested at the border and transferred to Ghezel Gahleh prison
His Service Duty ended and reappointed to Cultural Burea in Mashhad
1965 Transferred to Tehran as an expert to examine text books  
1966 Assistant Professor in History in Mashhad University  
1968 Began his lecture series at Hosseiniyeh Ershad and other universities
Published "Islamology" - collected works 30 from flight to death lectured in Mashhad
1971 His fourth child - Mona - was borned
1972 Hosseiniyeh Ershad was shut down and he got banned to lecture
1973 Turned himself in to Savak (Secret Intelligence Police) and spent 18 months in solitary prison
1975 Banned from any political activity
Spent his tough silent months in Tehran and Mashad
1977 Immigrated to Europe, and passed away in England (Martyred)  


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